hi, i’m soph, therefore i blog.

this incarnation started out as a course requirement when i was a mature student at CSAD. i’m now a graduate artist|designer|maker with a small studio at printhaus in cardiff.

i make, show and sell work that could generously be described as ecclectic. if you have long enough i would happily explain the extensive internal logic and intricate woven layers of meaning but the short version is that i like to make pretty things. i bind books and albums on commission, mostly using traditional japanese techniques and materials.

i’ve long kept a journal/blog of my various making projects, more for my processing and reference than anything else, but i learned so much about materials and techniques via random web searches i’m hopeful some of my experiments might one day spark something with someone else.

my previous blog (2005-10) is archived but i don’t think it’s searchable or in categories so content is pot luck now as my titles aren’t the best! there are a couple of free amigurumi patterns linked at the top – bender from futurama is possibly my proudest creation 🙂


i sell direct and via etsy. shop stock is minimal right now due to family commitments but i very much have work for sale – framed photography, artists sketchbooks, enamel jewellery, led lightboxes all awaiting listing – please give me shout if there’s anything on the blog that catches your eye!


i have a portfolio site that hasn’t been updated in far too long


contact me: mail AT sophieadams DOT com


One thought on “about

  1. Hi Sophie,

    I wondered if you would be interested in collaborating with me and some of the local residents to make a residents’ response piece to the tree destruction? Perhaps portraits of residents with felled trees or trees to be felled and what that means to us. So many people plant trees in memory in our parks and I feel that this is like an uprooting of these memories, these links to our past. I’m devastated by this and feel completely impotent. I would like to connect with people who feel the same. We could then try and get the photos etc into Welsh press?

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