hi, i’m soph. i was in the first graduating year of the ba maker programme at cardiff school of art and design. following that i undertook a year long residency at CSAD’s incubation space (inc. space), working on self-employment and professional practice in the art and craft worlds.

i now have a small studio at printhaus in cardiff, i have an active exhibition profile and i sell my work regularly at markets and fairs, as well as online: etsy.com/shop/littleroompress

follow my progress and inspiration here, leave a comment, ask a question, start a discussion 🙂

you can also find my portfolio site here.


One thought on “about

  1. Hi Sophie,

    I wondered if you would be interested in collaborating with me and some of the local residents to make a residents’ response piece to the tree destruction? Perhaps portraits of residents with felled trees or trees to be felled and what that means to us. So many people plant trees in memory in our parks and I feel that this is like an uprooting of these memories, these links to our past. I’m devastated by this and feel completely impotent. I would like to connect with people who feel the same. We could then try and get the photos etc into Welsh press?

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