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this reminds me of something…

… warping a loom 😀

static and silence #2 | work in progress

this lightbox project is really testing my textile skills. how to combine large quantities of moving picture film (often with a mind of its own) into a coherent fabric, a single piece. the same issue applies to my combination of imagery and sources. i’m trying to completely flatten those seamlines between one and the next. quilting also comes to mind…

the first piece in the series – static & silence – is too fragmented to my mind. i was mostly doing this to avoid leaning too heavily on a single source for my 35mm materials. but there are ways – through placement and colour choices – that i can tie disparate sources together, intermesh them effectively.

static & silence #1 | 2016
static & silence #1 | 2016

#2 is currently relaxing under a pile of hefty books. i’ve cleaned the 16mm film but much of it’s buckled where it’s sat on a spool wound slightly askew. i’ve no way of telling how much or easily i can unkink it, but i forsee a world of pain getting this thing assembled…

having selected source material relevant to my overarching project (getting to mars, more of which another time…) i’m trying to focus in on the visual qualities of the print as the main thing; the geometry and lines, the colour and shade, how they play against each other as i assemble on the wing.

the editing process is reassuringly time-consuming 😉 for 35mm i have a set of wonky eastern european rewinds and a large led light panel, but my 16mm editing is all done by literally winding reels by hand over a small light panel. all the film passes me by pretty slowly, i have a chance to notice something beautiful in a random shot. my filing system for cuttings is already creaking at the seams 😀

16mm reel and small lightbox
16mm reel and small lightbox

the name of the project comes from a song by the sundays that captures for me the real romance and wonder of space travel 🙂



more new film. i’m loving the stripes here.

turn on with the movie greats

today: sharad of atlantis, on a diminutive academy editor. the cut-down super 8 edition dates to 1966, but the original film, undersea kingdom, was made in 1936.

robots with ducting legs? check!

i’ve brightened up the screen images in photoshop – like my other editors it’s plenty bright on freeze-frame, but running the film dims it dramatically. i’m trying to find out which editor i like least so i can take it apart and give the optics and mechanisms a good clean.