Month: March 2016

resistance is useless ;)

playing around with various resists and techniques.

firstly, i’ve found the firing temps/times which are most critical for the red i’m using (opaque red is an utter pita i think that’s why i like it, it’s a challenge :D). i don’t trust the data-sheet temperatures – i “should” be firing with the regulator on around 7.5 but my sweet spot is 8.5 for 2 mins. i did a range of timing samples on the different temps and, say, reg 8 for 3 minutes doesn’t quite get there.

it’s worth noting that temp can take the black a little over, so i give those a fraction less time (but it seems that the more layers the better the black gets).

i tried various combinations of resist materials and techniques: using ferns and feathers, in combination with diluted klyr-fire (adhesive gum). i love the fugitive forms of the red and black pieces above, but the details are obscured, due to the use of adhesive solution. these pieces have a shifting, uncanny feel, but not enough control for this project.

it turns out that the greatest clarity and sharpness are achieved without any adhesive; simply sifting a top-coat over the resist and – crucially! – being able to *remove* the resist in one sharp movement that leads to the greatest accuracy in registration. i need to practise that last bit!

next up – a slightly larger/more complicated resist…


upcoming shows: liverpool central library

following a break for personal reasons it feels as though it’s about time i get some new work out there.

i’ve been accepted both for the Liverpool Artists’ Book Fair (fri 8th & sat 9th july), and the accompanying exhibition, open throughout june and july 2016. the biggest excitement being that i’ve been accepted on a prospective application – that is i still get to make the work, with about an 8 week deadline.

perfect for new projects…

upcoming shows: beaney art museum, canterbury

i’m delighted to report i’ve had a one-off piece accepted for the “Prescriptions” show, running from April 21st to August 15th, 2016.

the exhibition is supplementary to the Artists’ Books and the Medical Humanities symposium and workshop, organised by University of Kent and University of New England, and accompanies an exhibition of the works of Martha Hall as she documented her ongoing illness and treatment through book art.

the book of common prayer; altered. 2016.