Month: September 2016


more new film. i’m loving the stripes here.



new film ūüôā

project 8 outline

this project is a development of my use of redundant¬†film stock (microfiche, 35mm).¬†in these previous pieces i’ve used the film¬†in static light boxes, exploring layering and colour, and playing on varying scales.¬†more here.

lightbox #1 | 2016

my most recent commercial work takes a mixture of 35mm and 16mm film, again for static display on light boxes. through¬†editing, manipulation and assembly¬†i abstract elements of the source material, creating original works very much inspired by my textiles background. during this process i’m¬†exploring and exploiting qualities of the¬†film as a strip of high resolution¬†still images – as texture and shade; ribbon or thread – rather than as moving image film.

i have a lifelong interest in analogue photography Р35mm, medium format, instant films, darkroom developing and printing. i have a strong affinity for film as a medium in itself, rather than simply a means of reproduction, an intermediary step on the way to a final print or projection. much of my work incorporates lighting in some way and the two pair up beautifully.

cyanotype cube | 2015
cyanotype cube, with responsive led lighting | 2015

as a book artist i work most often with found text, and i find the intertitles and subtitles of silent films a fascinating resource.

shared of atlantis | 8mm
shared of atlantis | 8mm

having acquired a hand-cranked editor for viewing super- and standard-8mm films i was immediately intrigued by the simple yet elegant mechanism, with echoes of my previous work with sunshine, lenses and gears. more here and here.

slow¬†turning of the handle approximates¬†turning the pages of a book, and i’m intrigued that the viewer is¬†in charge of their experience of the film – winding fast or slow, forward or reverse, at will. my work often explores defunct technologies and the fact that even high-quality editors sell for only a few pounds second hand reflects the decline in analogue film-making.

my intention is to produce a film-book, not designed for projection but for viewing on an editor. using excerpted and manipulated film stock, printed text and direct animation, it will amount to more than a simple collage. the emphasis is very much on the film-book as a unique, hand-constructed piece, not for reproduction. the active part taken by the viewer provides a perspective more akin to that of the film-maker than the passive audience; an intimacy with the fabric of the film-book itself

the project is still in the experimental phase, including text:

and direct animation: