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bristol | spike island | arnolfini

inspiring studio visit yesterday. i’m deeply envious of the studio spaces we saw, most of my making happens in my 10′ square “loom room” (it has at least 3 stashed away in various places) which doubles as wardrobe space for 2. if there was ever anything more motivating than the prospect of a dedicated studio i’ve yet to find it.

i was most taken by the real sense of community in the studio space, the shared resources and skills, the opportunities for exchange of ideas and collaboration. i was fascinated to hear from mark and lisa of plenderleithscantlebury, who’ve taken their varied technical skills and developed a business fabricating for artists. they’ve clearly identified a market – artists whose ambition in terms of scale or materials exceeds their technical skills – and are thriving on it.

i was also glad to be able to resolve a mystery, on visiting the arnolfini. i happened to be in bristol the day before and, walking towards the dockside, was baffled by the fog rising from the water. i didn’t have time to investigate any further and drew my own somewhat confused conclusions.

turns out it’s an installation work by fujiko nakaya. seeing the (still and moving) images of her previous work immediately drew me in – the altered quality of the light, and people’s reactions to it. and to see it “for real” outside the gallery totally confirmed my admiration – it had a real impact on every passer-by for the duration of the fog.