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a thoroughly pleasant way to spend a sunny saturday putting the finish on the worktop. i lived with it light for a short while before jumping in with the walnut stain. really glad i did, it’s brought the grain out a treat. two coats of osmo to finish, all soft and sheeny.

filler | stain | waxoil finish

i say, nice legs B)


hello desk

pocket screws 🙂

legs B)



very excited about latest developments, i have a new home-from-home at printhaus studios.

they’ve recently transformed the outside space into a new home for dusty knuckle wood-fired pizza – this can only lead to trouble 😀

all freshly graff’d and very sensibly under cover for the welsh weather 🙂

the open door at the back is mine. behold my domain!

i have complicated plans to get the most out of the snug space, involving scaffolding boards and birch ply. my woodworking skills are coming on a treat 🙂 hoping to get moved in in time for the next openhaus event in august.