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found text | fiche

it’s taken me a long time to figure out the technical side of our final show of the inc space residency, at M.A.D.E gallery in roath. i was very happy with the electric blanket, particularly the use of a commercial-quality led lightbox, in terms of reliability over the length of an exhibition, as well as transportability and unobtrusive depth.

i was looking for an equally elegant solution to showing much smaller pieces:

i toyed with the option of making the entire lightbox from scratch, as well as outsourcing the electronics and case building. i’ve finally settled on these:

designed as on-camera and studio fill lights, these edge lit led panels use the same technology as the larger frame i’m using. they’re dimmable and colour-temperature adjustable. very slim, although adding a suitable battery also adds depth to the frame, an issue when they’re to be wall mounted.

i’m most pleased that i’ve been able to cater for keeping them fully functional on batteries throughout the show and – since i’m making a number of these pieces for sale – for the home user. each lightbox will come with 2 li-ion batteries and one charger, for constant operation 🙂