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memorial trees of roath

disappearing trees of roath #28 | brenda’s tree


disappearing trees of roath #29 | edna & gwyn’s tree


disappearing trees of roath #36 | mike’s tree



disappearing trees of roath part 2

park closures have been more limited than i anticipated \o/ currently confined only to sections of roath mill gardens and waterloo gardens, where the trees had already been tagged with numbers. which leaves time for me to raise awareness of the works further north.

lo-res phone pic

i tagged about half a dozen of the trees-to-be-felled through roath brook gardens today. plan is to continue tagging though roath mill gardens and place notices at the gates…


choosing such a visible mark was deliberate; neither me nor my local friends had any awareness of the works, even though they affect our day-to-day lives. i weighed up the impact of  semi-permanently marking a condemned tree vs entirely-permanently removing the same tree. i want these trees to really be seen, more than anything.

i’ve used specialist forestry paint, that causes no harm to the trees, and applied the stencils in more- and less-obvious areas.  i don’t want to spoil anyone’s walk or view but at the same time i don’t want these trees to go down in a sea of silence. i haven’t tagged every tree-to-go, just some of those that would take a mark well. if i got one wrong i’m happy to scrub it off once the parks are re-opened 🙂

the trees are being felled for flood defence works. this interweaving of “human” and “natural” influence is the reason for making these works.