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prosthetic impulse install

a few minor technical issues¬†to work around ūüėÄ (i should point out we didn’t make the holes!)

the location is fantastic, right in the heart of the city centre. there are a number of shows in the same building as part of fringe arts bath so i’m really hoping¬†for decent footfall.

i’ve made several alterations to the machine to make it exhibition-proof. the intention was always that visitors¬†would be able to interact with it. the gears are now held in place with nuts and bolts and i’m waiting on a delivery of revolving handles. i’ve also screwed the machine to the wall mounts to ensure nothing can come adrift during use.

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becky adams

becky adams | mobile library

it was an absolute treat to visit becky at her fireworks studio.

i knew of the studios through natasha mayo and their craft in the bay show last year. i’m still totally in love with natalia dias‘s rose/bramble thorns. it was zoe’s suggestion to contact becky to seek advice on pricing my work.¬†i was still¬†kicking myself that i hadn’t been aware of the recent book arts show¬†that becky curated at craft in the bay until it was finished.

some parallels between my work and becky’s really jumped out at me. i think we share a similar¬†background¬†and approach to hand work and materials. i was mighty envious of her whole studio, and in particular her¬†typewriter ūüėÄ

she gave me some really positive feedback on my work as well as invaluable suggestions for avenues i hadn’t ever¬†considered. it was absolutely her encouragement¬†that pulled me through my first fair, which¬†put me a *long* way out of my comfort zone on occasions. it was a real boost to hear her response to my work and it helped me be a little more confident when discussing it with other artists. it was also on her suggestion that i approached the book arts bookshop.

book fair report

i think it’s reasonable¬†to say that footfall at the fair was… limited. i staffed my shelf for 4 hours¬†on the saturday and in that time the only two visitors who weren’t exhibiting artists were both people i’d arranged to meet. the friday night opening turnout was promising and i know that some artists achieved sales in that time, unfortunately i wasn’t one of them. turns out that (what i was banking on) *london* in itself does not necessarily make for a successful fair.

i think¬†that¬†several factors contributed to the lack of visitors. the venue was on the “wrong” side of the station – the side away from the town centre – and hidden along a side street. while the venue was signposted, the fair itself wasn’t, reducing the opportunities for passing trade. to be fair to the organisers¬†they are a relatively¬†new enterprise¬†(since may 2013)¬†and as such probably don’t¬†have access to the extensive mailing lists of a more established venue.

everyone from¬†the studio was incredibly welcoming to a somewhat lost out-of-towner and the opportunity to view and discuss others’ work as well as my own made the enterprise totally worth my while. i had a positive response to my one-off works, in particular i am safe¬†generated a lot of interest and discussion.

i managed a single sale (from one of my contacts) that covered the cost of the shelf, but not my travel costs. i was hoping to be able to draw conclusions about how i’ve pitched my pricing from the weekend, but the limited audience made that impossible.

i took the opportunity on the sunday to visit the book art bookshop and was lucky enough to catch tanya who kindly made time to look at my work. my impression is that she was looking for a more complex¬†structure than my current editions, but she took a copy of each on sale or return. just waiting for those calls to come pouring in for extra copies ūüėČ

but overall the whole weekend was a learning experience i couldn’t have replicated without just doing it ūüôā


postcards taken¬†from “the boy with the arab strap”, a book of the album by belle & sebastian, 2011.

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