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still making

because 4am the day the show opens is a totally sensible time to be working…


prosthetic impulse install

a few minor technical issues to work around 😀 (i should point out we didn’t make the holes!)

the location is fantastic, right in the heart of the city centre. there are a number of shows in the same building as part of fringe arts bath so i’m really hoping for decent footfall.

i’ve made several alterations to the machine to make it exhibition-proof. the intention was always that visitors would be able to interact with it. the gears are now held in place with nuts and bolts and i’m waiting on a delivery of revolving handles. i’ve also screwed the machine to the wall mounts to ensure nothing can come adrift during use.

exhibition blog:


setting off kerry clements’s beautiful furniture i hope 🙂

artist | designer | maker final show 2015

with carys perry’s touch and sam alland’s jackalope 😎

artist | designer | maker final show 2015



the kindness of strangers

i was bowled over by the generosity of when i enquired about purchasing aluminium profiles to build my cyanotype box. they offered me the materials for free on the agreement that i remember them when i’m famous 😀

well, i’m not there quite yet, but i will get there with the support of family, friends, techs, tutors and the odd random stranger 🙂

at my last assessment it was clear that the construction of the cyanotype box had to match the quality of finish of the other pieces and i now have the chance to exceed that with the profiles, corners and gaskets unibox have given me. externally seamless, structurally sound, and fully dis-/re-assemblable –  i couldn’t ask for more.

the finished cyanotypes will be mounted onto acrylic panels and slotted into the inner channels – obvs being large enough to fill the whole face. these test prints on cotton don’t show the inner lights brightly enough but i’m hoping that using more translucent silk will help in that respect.