last chance @M.A.D.E today!

electric blanket | 33 seconds | fiche #1-3
electric blanket | 33 seconds | fiche #1-3

turns out it’s virtually impossible to take pictures of my pieces – i’d need to do some kind of hdr stitch job – so they lack the impact that i really feel they have in person. luckily we had a professional photographer on hand, he should do a better job 🙂

33 seconds
33 seconds

i think i’ve pulled off the play on scale i wanted to show – the works change as you view them at different distances – from the bold stripes of the blanket to the lupes with the small pieces that take you right *into* the fiche itself.

speaking with a textile artist friend at the opening, and she saw the textile influences in the work, so that’s cool 🙂

fiche #3
fiche #3

it’s brilliant to see the pieces hung as i’d envisaged, with no visible wiring. josh at MADE did a great job of installation. by comparison the fiches are a little clumsier than i’d hoped, but again at least i found a battery regime that, while fiddly, keeps them on permanently.

flow of work :)
flow of work 🙂

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