project sparrow complete

project sparrow (working title) | copper & vitreous enamel | 2016

my main concern is holding the book together. the weight of the combined pages is a lot to hang on tiny copper jump-rings. 2 rings per hole gives flexibility to allow for irregularities in positioning the holes and page size. they all start the same but extensive etching and repeated firings wear away some of the edges.

project sparrow (working title) | copper & vitreous enamel | 2016

overall i’m about 80% happy with the finished result. my intention was to show a gradation in depth of colour across the pages – from dark to light on the text side and light to dark on the reverse – which was only partially successful.

front cover

i’m very happy with the text transfer process, but the wing resist on the reverse is much subtler than i hoped. but it was really important to me that i made use of the actual wings and feet in the finished piece. the feet on the front cover have great contrast and a contouring that reflects the use of a physical resist.

text side

i had to rework the wing section when i realised i’d done it in the wrong order. i’d already spent several hours stoning back the text sections to bring out the bright copper of the etched text, and while the repeated application and removal of enamel layers has a certain zen quality and makes for a pleasingly complex texture, it certainly takes some muscle work.

reverse side

but most of all i enjoy it as an object. the format is an accordion fold, and it’s designed to be displayed opened out, but it can also be read as a normal book. the black covers bely the jewel colours and shimmering text within. as a memorial for a very dear friend it works well for me.

back cover

still awaiting a title…


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