resistance is useless ;)

playing around with various resists and techniques.

firstly, i’ve found the firing temps/times which are most critical for the red i’m using (opaque red is an utter pita i think that’s why i like it, it’s a challenge :D). i don’t trust the data-sheet temperatures – i “should” be firing with the regulator on around 7.5 but my sweet spot is 8.5 for 2 mins. i did a range of timing samples on the different temps and, say, reg 8 for 3 minutes doesn’t quite get there.

it’s worth noting that temp can take the black a little over, so i give those a fraction less time (but it seems that the more layers the better the black gets).

i tried various combinations of resist materials and techniques: using ferns and feathers, in combination with diluted klyr-fire (adhesive gum). i love the fugitive forms of the red and black pieces above, but the details are obscured, due to the use of adhesive solution. these pieces have a shifting, uncanny feel, but not enough control for this project.

it turns out that the greatest clarity and sharpness are achieved without any adhesive; simply sifting a top-coat over the resist and – crucially! – being able to *remove* the resist in one sharp movement that leads to the greatest accuracy in registration. i need to practise that last bit!

next up – a slightly larger/more complicated resist…



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