resin doming

a trickier process than might first appear.

first issue is resin preparation and ensuring the chemistry is in date and thoroughly mixed. decanting into a second container for further mixing is a step i’m keeping in my process as i’ve had issues with incomplete curing even with fresh materials.

my preferred technique for avoiding bubbles is to leave the mixed resin for approx. 10 minutes before pouring – makes a huge difference to large bubbles. the smallest bubbles are less of an issue for me on top of the colours/patterns of the chiyogami papers. i did experiment with a heat gun on top of the fresh pour but if anything it increased bubbling problems. the gun has turned out to be really helpful in evening out accidental dents in nearly-cured pieces.

my final step is to apply the resin with a syringe – it doesn’t deliver a steady stream, rather spurts, but it helps me not to over-pour: each piece takes approx. 4.5 ml to make a nice dome without overspill. i’m getting better at clean-up, but the ideal would always be to pour just right first time.


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