when you don’t sell…

… sucks, really.

i guess my headline should be: – table fee + (takings + added value from stall upgrade) = profit \o/ but that wouldn’t be honest about my hopes/expectations and the fairly harsh reality.

if i was on a telly talent contest i’m sure i’d explain at length my “passion” for my product, my commitment to learning and transmitting the archaic skills involved in the manufacture of paper and cloth, and their combination into books. i love books, and people who love books love my books.

but selling my books on an open market is a big ask. if i had a flair for sales i prolly wouldn’t spend my time for preference stitching/cutting/spinning/weaving/gluing/dyeing textiles in my own company, to a country & blues soundtrack… i wouldn’t geek out over paper textures and weights… fonts vs typefaces… i wouldn’t need to use every single scrap – eventually…

but, yunno, glass half full 🙂

pretty, right?


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