christmas fairs part 2

following a workshop with lauren from the centre for student entrepreneurship and jeweller karen  dell’armi i’m feeling positive about my preparations so far. i have two chances at the cardiff market, with enough time in between to replenish stock and work on elements that prove less successful – lighting is my major concern.

it was reassuring that many of the points addressed were things i’d already considered: thankyou etsy’s craft fairs… it’s a living team and rasputnik’s donation of why we buy: the science of shopping.

i’ve noticed a real divide between sellers who like to keep everything up-front, and those that go with a U-shaped booth layout that requires the buyer to cross a threshold into the stall. my initial plan has everything set back from the front entrance, so i’m hoping to entice people who might otherwise be put off to give it a go with a friendly sign.

my initial stall plan has a whole side of blank wall that i wanted to make use of (in the same way that my banners should make good use of the folding doors). for £1 a piece from the print shop i got laminated a4 signs explaining a little more about my materials and processes. i also have the potential to re-use these signs as part of my display in london.

i’m concerned about having enough ambient lighting for these signs to be legible inside the stall, but they should certainly brighten it up a little.


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