inc. intro.

in just over 2 weeks time we have a show in cardiff bay. the space is ours but we have to curate, invigilate and promote the whole thing ourselves.

melissa from artes mundi generously shared her curating experience today, and it felt as though the group was really energised. we’re already in the first stages of promotion, having fixed on a title, significant dates and house style.

the twin themes that seemed to emerge from group tasks focussed on sensitive use of materials and responsiveness/interactivity in the final piece. in general we also agreed on tending towards the experimental and abstract ends of our practice. melissa was very insistent that *nothing* should be dismissed as impossible with a fortnight’s run-up. we identified a number of formal linking threads between the works we want to show, including square format and the bold use of colour, yellow in particular.

i want to re-show the cyanotype/led cube i made for my degree show. i feel it has a presence in an exhibition space that a shelf full of my books wouldn’t have. this would be my chance to trouble-shoot the installation, to be assured that it’s reliable in a range of situations. not committing to producing new work frees me up to work on other aspects of the exhibition – i’m keen to produce a catalogue/zine of the show.


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