new project: prescriptions

since starting my inc. space residency i’ve been going all out prototyping and making stock, replenishing materials supplies and working on marketing/packaging etc. but it’s always good for the soul to have an utterly impractical project to work alongside 🙂

this is a book project \o/ the theme is medicine, in the broadest sense. the piece will be a response to the work of martha hall; poet, weaver and book artist, who documented her experience of breast cancer in her work.

for a while i’ve been making book works addressing illness and loss, and their relevance is still ongoing for me. but my experience of translating the most painful parts of my life into physical form – imbued with all my fears and hopes – has been transformative. i can’t imagine going forward without my art work as a form of release.

i knew that this year i wanted to pursue the enamelling i enjoyed so much during my degree. my initial plan for the prescription project is to combine enamelling with textile work, in the spirit of martha hall.

to this end i’m exploring exactly what i can do with copper and glass and several hundred degrees of heat 😀 amongst my lines of enquiry are woven copper textiles, wire and mesh manipulation and viking knitting.

should be fun 🙂


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