japanese papers: chiyogami

sakura (cherry blossom) and kiku (chrysanthemum) chiyogami | on etsy

literally chiyo “a thousand generations” gami “paper”, these vibrant and durable papers were developed in the late 18th century, copied from fashionable kimono fabrics.

tsuru (crane) chiyogami | on etsy

they are also known in the us as yuzen, after the main textile producing district of kyoto. the papers were designed to be cut up and use small scale designs, similar to modern quilting cottons.

geometric chiyogami | on etsy

originally produced with wood block printing, modern chiyogami is screen printed. the highest quality papers that i use are laboriously hand-printed.

various stages of screen printing process | japanese paper place

a final layer of gold or silver metallic overlay provides their unique lustre.

photos can’t capture the true beauty of these papers | on etsy

i hold an ever changing selection of chiyogami papers, why not commission a bespoke journal, sketchbook or album with your choice of covers, binding and endpapers? on etsy


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