japanese motifs: the crane

uchikake (bridal) kimono with tsuru and ume (plum blossom) | v&a

the crane – tsuru – is an auspicious symbol, representing longevity and fidelity. in folklore these birds are reputed to live a thousand years and in the wild they mate for life. these associations lead it to become a frequent motif on wedding gifts and textiles. many japanese symbols have an associated season, the crane is a bird of winter.

origami cranes | madison #1 middle school

in origami the folding of 1,000 paper cranes is said to grant the maker a special wish. a thousand cranes have also become a symbol of the struggle for world peace, in remembrance of sadako sasaki who survived the hiroshima bomb.

maru obi (sash) with tsuru and kiku (chrysanthemum) | watch this space…

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