all change

various things came up at today’s assessment:

chairs – these are designed/fabricated objects with a strong aesthetic – are they distracting from the work that *i’ve* designed and fabricated? will people see the chairs ahead of the work? in a *domestic* environment will my work be reduced to an element of – decoration?

lens element on the laser drawing lightboxes may be worth reinstating. if so a ball lens seems most appropriate. perhaps i can take design/material cues from the lens carrier on the solar drawing machine which is very successful.

the quality of the frame for the cyanotype piece *has* to match the finish quality of the other pieces. none of the budget options of screws/glue/welding appeals for various reasons. the piece has to be diss- and re-assembled – otherwise i have nowhere to store it, i’d have to abandon it on the central reservation of a motorway 😦

despite the cost i’m considering using an extruded aluminium profile system, along these lines…


apart from the externally seamless construction, these pieces could be dis- and re-assembled at will, and take a variety of clear acrylic “slides” slotted into the inner channels.

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