laser lightbox

serving suggestion 😉 testing light box options.

take one cling-film type box, cover in dark grey bookcloth, cut viewing window in lid and cover with translucent acetate. put a £6 striplight in the box and we have liftoff.

slides are mounted with glass. i’m envisaging the slide-holder in laser-cut mdf with the rest of the cabinet (also mdf) covered in bookcloth. the cabinet in this mock-up is smaller than the finished article.

it’s not easy to convey the delicious luminous quality in pictures.

one thing it highlights is the limited macro capability of the rollei, even with closeup lenses. ideally i could frame much closer and extract/abstract certain elements, to increase the viewer’s confusion – what am i looking at? obviously if i were working in print i could crop and scale, but this piece only works with full frame images.

i have in the back of my mind that there were various rolleinar sets with different magnification. i may have to investigate, because other than the framing i’m really happy with the direction this is headed 🙂

eta: rolleinar 3 on its way


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