letting go…

… of stuff that will never work. well, perhaps not never, just not in time for the final show. recognising that and finding alternative routes to a desired outcome can be quite invigorating.

i’ve been stumbling around with my soft circuits for a good month or two, with some success but nowhere near the reliability or aesthetic i need for an ambitious final piece. i need that piece, to round out the show, to extend the themes of processes, materials and imagery i hope to establish with the other 3 elements.

3 for 3 tutors think i’m best separating out the diaphanous cyanotypes from the circuitry, who am i to argue at this stage? much as i would love to “melt” the electronics into the silk panels it simply isn’t working for me. so the next question is how do i render the circuits in the most elegant way possible, while ensuring solid connections and retaining the flow of the fabric in the piece as a whole?

several potential options to consider, of which laser-cut acrylic really jumps out as a material/process i’m comfortable working with, confident i can achieve a pleasing result, both technically and aesthetically. a whole new bunch of samples to start on 🙂



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