laser drawings

got my exposure test roll back from the developers and it looks really promising. the images have the intense sharpness/luminous quality i’m after when held to a window. light box setup will be crucial.

i was testing a slow (100 iso) reversal (slide) film with the rollei on a tripod with cable release. it soon became obvious that the weak point at exposures of 2+ secs was the hand-held laser pointer. next roll will further narrow down exposure and test flexible clamp for the pointer.

following advice at the camera shop i hopefully know how to use the cable release without the film advance problems i’ve had up til now.

i’ve also ordered (glass) slide holders. i’d initially wondered about leaving the frames uncut, but the orientation on the film is wrong. i really don’t want to be messing with using the camera at 90• on the tripod.

achieving negs i’m happy with is obviously my main point for the final show, but at the same time i’m starting to think about the potential of printing from the slides, i’m seeing a big flashing “edition” arrow above this one – if i can translate the slide quality to a print.

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