tech progress

1. solar etcher

  • have potential (laser-cut) turntable mechanism, needs adapting/reverse engineering (i’ve contacted the manufacturer in the hope they might let me at the source files).
  • testing “swingball” spiral mechanism.
  • testing “hammock” set-ups
  • need to address focal length/distance from back board
  • back board tilt mechanism

2. don’t panic book

  • cover mock-ups
  • test led setting/circuit

3. laser drawing

  • test reel (exposure) at processors – note 5 working day turnaround
  • dodgy cable release? take rollei to collect film/compare
  • black backdrop on order
  • flexible clamp (for laser pointer) received
  • jon said he’d check out the lightbox components i mailed him.

4. cyanotypes – stitched circuits – leds

  • test wonky connections w/resistors before the leds
  • dye/cyanotype over thread circuits? run tests
  • digital stitch circuits? maggie’s w/s
  • steve/darkroom/drying facilities
  • weight of fabric vs weight of components – ask maggie
  • hand stitch w/ss thread – ask maggie – 2 ply??

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