field/subject tutorial

the clearest message i’m taking from today’s tutorial is i need to extend my scope beyond how *i* feel about my work to considering the experience of the viewer. how do i want them to interact with the work? what kind of response am i hoping to elicit? and how can i tweak or radically change the show to achieve this?

i’ve revised my initial plans for the solar-etcher/death-ray after reflecting on my experiences using 3d design and print and laser cutting and the production headaches they can throw up. the emphasis in the show will shift from drawing machines, to drawing with light. this enables me (time-wise and conceptually) to include a fourth element involving cyanotypes on fabric and stitched circuits.

my core intention is the seamless combination of current/digital and defiantly outmoded/analogue technologies. the technological workings will be on show – e.g. in the book and cyanotype piece – but hopefully merging to a great extent into the piece as a whole, as a hand made work.

i also want the show itself to hang together as a coherent whole. partly i hope this will be achieved by the re-use of materials in different pieces – the ball lenses, the grey book cloth. formally, i hope the image of the spiral and use of monochrome will tie the works together. but ingrid had me thinking today about an additional – overarching link between the pieces – that they could somehow function together as a whole.

this is going to take some thinking about 😀

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