becky adams

becky adams | mobile library

it was an absolute treat to visit becky at her fireworks studio.

i knew of the studios through natasha mayo and their craft in the bay show last year. i’m still totally in love with natalia dias‘s rose/bramble thorns. it was zoe’s suggestion to contact becky to seek advice on pricing my work. i was still kicking myself that i hadn’t been aware of the recent book arts show that becky curated at craft in the bay until it was finished.

some parallels between my work and becky’s really jumped out at me. i think we share a similar background and approach to hand work and materials. i was mighty envious of her whole studio, and in particular her typewriter 😀

she gave me some really positive feedback on my work as well as invaluable suggestions for avenues i hadn’t ever considered. it was absolutely her encouragement that pulled me through my first fair, which put me a *long* way out of my comfort zone on occasions. it was a real boost to hear her response to my work and it helped me be a little more confident when discussing it with other artists. it was also on her suggestion that i approached the book arts bookshop.

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