batch production

we have a whole load of fundraising to do atm. aiming for the christmas market i’ve been running a set of prototypes of laser cut versions of the snowflakes i designed last year in illustrator.

hand cut paper | digital design

the biggest technical consideration is making a design/path that produces a single piece after cutting. these were designed like traditional paper snowflakes – a triangular section was cut (from it’s edges in) and then rotated/reflected around 360 degrees.

laser cut 3mm ply

i’ve had a really positive response to the laser ply versions so far, so it looks like i’ll be spending more time with the laser cutter in the coming weeks…

i’m also exploring batch producing books atm. i feel that my next live project should be a book fair of some kind, but for that i’ll need stock. my initial plan is to make a series of blank a4/a5 sketchbooks/albums, using bookcloth, boards and japanese stab binding as i did with zoe’s book.

zoe’s book | 2014


then to accompany those a series of limited edition artists books. i’m planning to explore collage and paper folding techniques as well as digital design/print. hopefully i’ll be resurrecting the press too 🙂

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