exhibiting and feedback

back from london with a grin on my face and a spring in my step, having seen my work as part of the letter in mind exhibition at the oxo tower in support of the national brain appeal. i’ll post up full details once the exhibition is over and we’re freed from anonymity.

but the experience of seeing my work on a wall, in a show, for the first time had quite an impact. the buzz of a really busy opening was a little overwhelming but it was (i think) almost all artists and their guests – a real mix of amateurs and established artists – and the conversation flowed around the work.

i’d read of someone who liked to check out audience responses by hanging around looking at the work next to theirs and catching comments good and bad. as i was planning to do just this one of the gallery staff came up and gave it a red dot \o/ now that really was a buzz. i figured maybe a quarter of the (nearly 300) pieces had sold by this point, which makes me feel good about the quality of the work and it’s ability to stand on its own merits.

i’d been very disappointed by how it had reproduced in the online gallery, the 3d piece look very flat and lifeless, with no hint of the play of light and dark i was intending to convey. i’m happy to say that it looked much better under the show lights, and over the moon i’ve made my first cash sale (even if that doesn’t come to me).

i think i could find this kind of buzz quite addictive. i have another submission pending atm, including a piece that needs some loose ends tidying up. i’m well motivated to get on with that now.


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