ideal summer project: object

“for this project we would like you to visit museums and/or galleries and select an object which best speaks of the values and qualities, some of the things you are attempting to achieve in your own work.”

my chosen object appeared in the show automatic art: human and machine processes that make art at the gv gallery in london, which fosters dialogues between contemporary art and science. scientific imagery and concepts often underpin and inform my work.

peter lowe | transformable construction of 5 groups of 5 | 2013

i was immediately drawn to this piece by the urge to see if it moved. a gentle nudge confirmed that it did, in a satisfyingly fluid way. the piece was clearly precision engineered and i was drawn to the tactile qualities of the materials as well as the opportunity to interact. quite often i’m drawn to give sculptures a gentle push – to discover more about the materials and construction – in this piece i was explicitly invited to do so.

the piece was manufactured in 2013, one of a pair, the other having round- rather than square-section aluminium rods. it is a development of an idea peter lowe initially explored in 1960. he also produced other pieces of transformable art which invite the viewer to take an active part in forming the artworks, partly transferring authorship from the artist to the viewer.

peter lowe | transformable relief with circles | 1960

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