the laser cutter blues

man i’ve got ’em bad.

the past few weeks have been an essential lesson in time management – don’t try to do *anything* in the workshops in the last 2 weeks before a deadline. cos every other bugger is doing the same and you’l never get it done in time.

it would be easy to put the blame on the laser cutter fairies who spirited one of the machines off to the new build, leaving just the one to take the strain of summer deadlines. eventually the remaining one gave up the ghost – cue everyone having to run up to llandaff doing their cutting. but things break, are busy, that’s how things are, so having a schedule, and building wiggle time into the end of that is pretty essential, especially – note to self – with a *big* final show deadline.

i’d hoped to get some covers etched/cut for the limited edition element of i am safe, so that i could run up a sample to go along with my submission. steve did offer to cut them for me during a break but the machine’s been going constantly all week, with everyone else trying to hit their deadlines.

the covers would have been experimental because i haven’t etched plywood on the cutter before. i hoped to achieve a gradient of depth/darkness to the etching by using lines which grey out towards one side. all fine lines including the text would be cut out. i adapted the text (courier) to work as a stencil, without losing the inners of a and e.

i’m disappointed not to be able to show the edition alongside the original, but i feel i really should pursue the idea if not in this project then next year. short runs of artist’s books (as author or as maker/in collaboration) seems to be a very useful avenue for me to explore.


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