crystal radio

chuffed with this tbf 🙂

there hasn’t been much in the way of project development since my formative assessment – all my efforts have been going into getting the thing made. little did i imagine how much time it would take in illustrator and on the cutter to turn out a case that matched the one in my imagination. this is pretty close.

i had hoped to include a more responsive audio element to the work – that by moving around the piece viewers could “tune in” to different voices/languages. but given the amount of time i devoted to the case , and my lack of experience with electronics and no time to learn, i had to have a plan b, which is to use a simple ipod/speaker set up in the base. it turns out that the easiest way by far to get a radio shaped object to play sounds is not to take it apart in the first place. who knew?

i’m pretty happy with the cityscape itself. i had to edit potential elements to fit the small case size, and i wanted to leave space around the buildings to enable viewing from different angles and to see the beautiful circuit boards underneath. so it’s rather on the minimalist side, but i’m happy with the soviet-bloc/retro-futurist vibe.

the best bit by far is obviously the trees 😀 they really bring the model to life. i’ve had a positive response to the piece so far, hopefully tonight i can tweak the oh-so-wonky tower and add my little people.



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