yorkshire sculpture park: part 1

a fabulous day out, which even yorkshire “spring” weather couldn’t put a dampener on 🙂 the only disappointment was roger hiorns’ seizure – perhaps because my expectations were too high or perhaps because it photographs better than it works irl. the bath was a nice unexpected touch though.

james turrell | deer shelter | 2006

deer shelter was one of my highlights. the impression on a cloudy day was of a fluorescent light in the ceiling, rather than an opening. it wasn’t too cold to sit on the concrete benches and really absorb the work, the lack of other visitors helped this contemplative mood. understated inside and out, apparently inaccessible, but a real immersive atmosphere inside.

we did wonder how many sheep might have fallen into it 😀

anna collette hunt | infestation | 2011

a swarm of ceramic bugs, each beautiful and jewel-like. en masse rather more unsettling.

henry moore | two forms | 1966

the lamb kept licking this for some reason. the astroturf around the base was an unexpected if practical touch.

hemall bhuta | speed breakers | 2012

on our walk up through the woods towards the longside gallery we both remarked on the beauty of the roots stretching across the path. this cast bronze piece melds into the surroundings almost too much – even having read the signs we  nearly missed it.

andy goldsworthy | hanging trees | 2007

total fangirl moment for me, seeing my first goldsworthys in the wild.

julian opie | galloping horse | 2012

it was magical to glimpse this piece at a distance, galloping through the trees.

peter liversidge | everything is connected | 2012

i was heartened to discover the use of unexpected/nontraditional materials given the setting.

sophie ryder | sitting | 2007

i found sophie rider’s work immensely appealing yet disconcerting, sorry i missed crawling, which looks even more extraordinary.

barbara hepworth | the family of man | 1970

love the texture.

commemorative bench

i’m with duncan cook on ysp.


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