zoe’s book

i volunteered to bind a book for friend’s final year textiles (maker) show. it was a real collaboration in terms of design, layout and choice of materials and i’m pleased with the quality of the finished book, hopefully up to degree show standard.

decorative japanese stab binding | book cloth, linen thread, boards.

this is the first time i’ve used book cloth and boards and also my first japanese stab binding (a technique that more usually employs soft covers). zoe chose the geometric binding pattern to reflect the art deco influences in her final piece, and the grey/red colour scheme to echo her work. it isn’t an original design (source) but i worked out the stitch pattern myself, which is the same front and back with no doubled threads.

endpapers are textured to reflect the text block which is alternate translucent and textured pages. in a twist on the traditional use of glassine interleaves the images and text are printed onto the translucent sheets, with the opaque paper acting as interleaves, reducing show-through from underneath.

this is my first commissioned binding project and i can see potential in doing more. i should really have documented how long each stage took in order to establish a suitable rate for this kind of work. it’s also inspired me to consider producing a series of blank books in the same style for sale, something i might explore over the summer.


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