dear budapest – health and safety

a few points along risk-assessment lines i’ve considered during the project.

structure of the tent is based around a dutch “storm tent”, designed to withstand wind. the open structure will allow high winds to pass through. the tent may not provide much in the way of rain resistance but the materials used (mostly cotton) will not deteriorate in wet conditions for the length of the festival.

there may be risk of tripping due to the pegs/guy ropes, as with any tent, but the configuration of many pegs close to the base of the tent minimises the problems of long guy lines. damage to the person or structure from such accidents should be minimal, due to the elastic nature of the tent structure.

while i’ve modelled the tent with a central pole, ideally it would be supported from above, meaning there would be no hard materials used apart from the tent pegs and mirror .

i’ve sourced a polycarbonate mirror that is “virtually indestructible” and recommended for use in such environments as prisons. it will need to be firmly sited on a flat base to prevent danger of cracking from being walked on.

if the whole tent were to be pulled down there should be minimal impact due to its light weight and open structure.

the structure will need to be lit at night to prevent falling/tripping incidents.

the project will require public liability insurance for a one-off event that includes cover for the european union.

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