dear budapest loose ends

there are some aspects of the proposal i probably won’t have time to address before our deadline. the main one is lighting.

being a festival proposal, from the outset i felt it was important for the structure to function at night as well as in the day. my initial plan included illuminated balloons for the final release. while this would have added to the spectacle i was adamant that i wanted all materials released to biodegrade, which ruled out the inclusion of leds. this decision also reflected budget constraints.

i’m still intending for the structure to be lit at night. after speaking to a friend who works in theatre i was quite excited about the possibilities for lighting using projected images or shapes, introducing another layer of playing with light. however the cost of such equipment would require hiring and i wouldn’t be confident leaving it to fend for itself over the time when the structure would be unattended. the simplest/cheapest option would be to attach solar-powered net or string lights to the inside of the structure. while the provision of some ambient lighting would be better than none it does lack drama.

other aspects i’ve yet to cover include contextual material and signage. i intend to screen print fabric panels using larger/more detailed examples of hungarian textile design, and including historical information about those traditions. another panel would explain the project and provide information about participation sessions and the date/time of the balloon release.

i was hoping to set up an example website, i should at least be able to mock up some screen shots to give a idea of the site structure in the time remaining.

i’ve also yet to finalise the plan for the balloon release, or determine the number of balloons that could actually fit inside the structure. from working with my scale model i’ve discovered that my working estimate of 700 messages (100 per day of the festival) would not cover the structure entirely. where the flags are most densely packed towards the top there will be more cover than lower down the structure. there may be a possibility to produce more flags, but there may not be enough room in the structure to contain the additional balloons. it might be possible to extend the area of the structure with some kind of attached netting, but i’d need to find a method that would reliably release them in one single event.

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