land artists

an unexpected result of the public art module for me has been my growing fascination with land art. i admire the scale, the vision, the selection and use of materials, the geometric simplicity of many of the forms. my interest surely derives in part from my experience and interests as an archaeology student, the impact and significance of ritual landscapes (especially in the neolithic and bronze ages), the experience of immersing yourself in the monuments.

robert smithson | spiral jetty | 1970
richard long | a line in scotland |1981
andy goldsworthy
james turrell | revised outlook | 2005

i briefly considered the possibility of carving out a kind of stepped structure for seating inside my festival tent. i liked the idea of using the ground as one of my materials, given i have such size/weight constraints and a very small budget. it was also inspired by the knowledge that part of the festival site includes a beach – i figured that sculpting sand would be a less labour intensive and permanent process than using soil.

i found out that the beach is composed mostly of shell which i don’t imagine would sculpt as well or withstand much use. overall i decided the idea was too labour intensive and i was unlikely to receive permission to excavate on the festival site.

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