dear budapest scale model shoot

i’ve been waiting forever for a clear day to shoot the model.

crochet structure side view

pattern scale is 1:1 – i’d continue with this sample until it was tent-sized. structure scale is 1:10. of everything that i’ve made for the model i’m most excited about the little tent pegs i carved from lolly sticks 😀

crochet structure top view

this is the first time i’ve seen the sample in 3 dimensions. i like the way the “arms” of the structure wrap around to the front. the shape reflects very nicely my beloved de waard that served as inspiration for the overall shape of the tent. central areas are large enough to stand upright, and you can sit or lie comfortably further out around the edges..

for the model I’ve used a central pole for support. ideally the structure would be supported by guy lines to the top, leaving a clear central area and less risk of people hurting themselves walking into the structure when under the influence.

this view shows the central mirror – to add an extra dimension , reflecting the light and patterns from above. the idea was drawn from islamic architecture and the use of a central pool or pond in a courtyard. i’d like to extend the textiles influence to the mirror so i plan to mimic a shisha embroidery stitch around the edge, using the same dyed cotton string as used for the crochet structure. i’ve source a virtually unbreakable polycarbonate mirror (on a slightly smaller scale – 1m diameter) as used in prisons 😀

as the structure becomes covered in flags the quality of the light inside will change.

message flags displayed on structure

i was imagining a spiral of flags covering the structure from the top, but having experimented with the model i think stringing them vertically may turn out to be most practical/effective. i’m happy with the play of light inside, and excited to see how the techniques and materials could translate into a final large piece.


i took these pictures in a busy local park, away from the paths. i wasn’t expecting to draw any attention, but i got a compliment from a passer-by which was a real boost. i’ve never exhibited or really put my work “out there” except online before. so to get unexpected feedback about it, to interact with someone because of it, well, that was pretty cool 🙂


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