dear budapest sketches

after an inspiring presentation by charlie from architecture this morning i decided to tidy up my project sketches. i’m working on a scale model, but the thought of modelling even a fraction of the hundreds of balloons to be released brings me out in a cold sweat 😀 what really struck me today was how a mixture of 2d and 3d visualisations can really bring a project presentation to life.

dear budapest | basic crochet tent structure

the tent pattern is an abstraction of a scan of my crochet sample, so the balance of colours is pretty accurate. i didn’t want to use the scan straight as it would give a misleading idea of the pattern scale.

dear budapest | message flags displayed on outside of structure

the flags are also scanned scale model samples, dyed in the same colours as the crochet structure. the flags were cut from larger dyed sheets and each one contains subtle colour variations and blends.

dear budapest | message balloons tethered within structure

balloon images are the stripy ones i’ve budgeted for 🙂

dear budapest | balloon release

i haven’t included the message flags tied to the balloons as i thought they’d be more confusing than illuminating on this scale.


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