dear budapest interactive element

an outline of the participation process. because of the nature of the work and the requirement for each message to be assigned a number this will require supervision.

before the event flags will be sewn together along one narrow edge into strings in the style of prayer flags. at set times a facilitator will be on hand to provide a permanent marker (possibly in a dark purple which would harmonise with the overall colour scheme yet still be legible) and give each participant a card noting the unique number of their message. i see the simplest way being to number each flag and card as it is written.

once that day’s predetermined number of messages has been completed (i’ve been working on 100/day) each flag will be photographed (for documentation on the website or potentially a print publication) and the string attached to the outside of the tent so it can be read throughout the festival.

on the last day all flags will be removed, cut apart and attached to balloons which are released en masse.

the finder of a balloon would enter the url on their flag ( to find an image of that flag/message, a map to enter the find location and a text box for sending a reply. the original writer of the message would have their card to refer to when checking for return messages. i’d hope to be able to include the possibility of extended conversations rather than just a simple message-response.


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