sziget festival project: colour

unicorn | sziget 2013

colour is a signature aspect of the festival, previous artworks have been bright, cheerful and multicoloured, reflecting the geographically diverse (although predominantly young and european) audience. the brief asks for the work to be decorative, beautiful, sweet and eye-catching.

i think it was either jess or jen who pointed out that one rainbow coloured object in a whole field/island full of rainbow coloured objects might actually blend in with its surroundings too much. which allowed me to consider reducing the number of colours involved (also important if i’m to dye the yarn for the tent which i assume i will do – fewer colours of dye to purchase).

since the site has grass and a lot of tree cover  i imagined the work set against a predominantly green background. weather is generally good in august with a lot of clear skies and sunshine, so i was also thinking blue skies and bright sunlight which could enable more subtle colours to really glow. by ruling out blues and greens because they’d fade too much into the background i was left with the warmer end of the spectrum – reds and yellows and complimentary but cooler, more restful pinks and purples. i’m not sure whether it’s entirely coincidental this is the same scheme used in ball nogues’ liquid sky.

deciding a colour palette early on in a project is one of the design processes drawn from my textiles background, i find it really helps my focus and ties my materials samples into a more coherent body of work rather than the random experiments they mostly are.


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