immersive structures

two projects really jumped out at me from the session with olivia, both by ball nogues. i’m grateful olivia let me photocopy the relevant pages as it turns out the book (jacobo krauel – event art) is one of those out of print “how much?!” art books. the website also documents the process behind the development of each project, really fascinating stuff.

ball nogues | maximilian’s schell | 2005

both works really struck me with the intricacy of their construction, the geometric patterning, use of colour, light and shade, as well as their similarity to my initial project plan for a colourful tent.

ball nogues | liquid sky | 2007

my previous field project looked at islamic architecture and interiors, geometric ornament and the play of light through pierced structures. the clarity and geometry in the shadows cast by these structures really appealed to me. my intention in creating a crochet structure is to create a fabric web that will cast an interesting shadow, be brightly coloured from the exterior but shaded and comforting inside. i’m interested to see how a generally small-scale technique (crochet) could be applied to a much larger piece, whether it would feel like sitting under a giant shawl, taking you back to childhood and camping under blankets in a sunny garden.

i do however want to avoid this kind of effect 😀

olek | crochet room



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