sziget festival project development 2

my first step was to brainstorm ideas, drawing on my experience of many years of festival participation, technical/craft skills, understanding of materials, my available resources, and the requirements of the brief. i also considered what form the work should take. i want to create an inviting space to rest and reflect, an immersive environment that also encourages interaction – the ability for participants to alter the space, take or leave something.

the artwork needs to be packable as construction time/materials on site will be limited. because i also want to work on a much larger scale than i have in the past i think that a simple tent structure would be the most efficient way of enclosing maximum space for minimal pack size/weight. keeping the structure open and “string-y” would again maximise the ground area:weight ratio. i considered using a knitting machine to fabricate the tent but we don’t have any in the textiles workshop, so hand crochet seems to be the way forward. this reflects my previous work where hand-processes are central to the finished piece,  i also enjoy playing with pushing those processes beyond their apparent “sensible” limits – such as crocheting a tent by hand.

since the work will not be under constant supervision for the length of the festival (7 days) i have to pay attention to the brief requirements that it should be “easy to install and hard to destroy”. whilst my planned structure *could* be easily destroyed if someone set their mind to it i hope to tap into a common currency with regard to festival structures/installations. by creating a pleasant, inviting environment, one that is obviously cared for and curated and that provides a benefit to festival goers i hope this will engender respect in the users of the space and deter vandalism.


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