public art in cardiff

this module should be a good excuse to really pay attention to the public art that’s all around me. planning to cover as much as possible of the council map (under map categories choose environment > public art) and the easily-accessible empty walls project in roath.

a couple of old favourites to get started:

felice varini – 3 ellipses for 3 locks (cardiff bay)

a work that manages to intrigue on all scales, simple but effective. it draws the viewer in, confuses you, forces you to try to make sense of it. so off you set to put the jigsaw pieces together and find the right spot to view it from…

more pictures

(as previously blogged) jane edden – post secrets (the hayes)

as well as enjoying the scenes inside the posts, i really appreciate their understatement and subtlety. it’s very easy to walk past them for months or years without realising they’re there.

the area is central, very busy and the effect on unknowing passers-by of suddenly stooping to peer into a bollard or the kids excitedly racing off to find the next one is entertaining. curious people first pause, confused, and often end up following your lead.

interview with jane edden where she talks about the practicalities and processes involved in making the project, as well as the public response.


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