laser loom

how to combine a 50-year-old technology with a 25,000-year-old one? laser cut a loom 🙂

i wanted a small sampling loom, following the pattern of this cardboard box loom. it’s a simple rigid heddle set up producing a plain weave cloth (one over, one under). but i wanted it to weave fine yarn, much finer than i could have achieved making one by hand.

the laser cutter did a brilliant job. i used 3mm ply which looks as though it will hold up if i don’t warp it too tightly. i made two end pieces to wrap the warp ends around and a reed/heddle with eyes/slots 1mm across and 1mm apart (which amounts to just over 12.5 dpi, which is the closest commercially available reed). depending on the thickness of the yarn i might have to sley multiple ends per hole/slot. after testing i might cut a long shuttle which i can also use to beat the warp.

as for the yarn – if all goes according to plan – reeled silk 🙂

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