enamelling #4

today’s first task was making new trivets, which worked a treat, i only dropped one sample and that was through clumsiness.

all enamel was applied with a wet-inlay technique which allowed a good degree of control. i still need to work on my shading. i filled all of yesterday’s samples except the 2mm foil which was clearly too deep. i also added some pieces with approx 1.25mm cuts of tape, which were probably the most successful, even without an outer bounding wire (i’m missing one sample i must have left in the workshop).

first steps in cloisonne.

all pieces except the far right used transparent enamels, but the thickness rendered them practically opaque. sanding with wet/dry paper was unsuccessful but a carborundum stone worked well to level the enamel surface. some pieces flattened out due to the thickness of the top layer of enamel vs one or two layers of counter enamel. in future i’d apply a minimum of 3 layers on the back.

narrow gauge wire. i think i applied one too many enamel layers – fewer would have given better transparency. finished after grinding with transparent flux which persevered some of the brightness of the wire.

larger gauge wire. finished with a final firing which produced firescale on the wire. fine silver would retain its brightness. thickest enamel layer, lost all transparency.

thinnest gauge tape. finished with flux which caused the white enamel to craze and obscure the wires. otherwise i think this is my most successful sample. opaque enamels applied in thick layers.


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